Why EcoFloors

img_prd_crpt_03aAmericans alone buy an estimated 29.8 billion plastic water bottles every year. With approximately 2.5 million bottles being manufactured in the USA every five minutes of every day eight out of every 10 water bottles consumed ends up in landfill.

The cushioned backing used in the production of ECO Floor carpet tiles is made largely  from recycled plastic water bottles. For every 1,000 sqm of carpet tiles installed 30,000 plastic bottles are diverted from landfill.

Performance Enhancement

EcoSoft is designed and engineered to absorb destructive impact from high foot traffic. Its superior compression and recovery properties significantly reduce fiber crush and wear- and-tear, giving the carpet a better appearance retention compared with the hard backing, so enabling the carpet to retain its good looks for longer.


Exceptionally Durable

Due to its fiber construction, the cushioning effect will outlive the life of the carpet surface.



Superior Dimentional Stability

EcoSoft has been developed using a special process to obtain a superior dimensional stability, BS EN 986. This new development is a breakthrough in the carpet tile industry, making it possible to stabilize a nonwoven backing dimensionally without the use of environmentally harmful fiberglass.

Luxrious Walking Comfort

EcoSoft is a cushion backing that effectively absorbs foot impact and, as a result, reduces leg muscle fatigue to a greater degree as compared with other hard flooring. Comfort under foot translates to higher overall productivity in the workplace.

Excellent Sound Absorption

EcoSoft is made from millions of fine fibers interlocked together in a needling process. The final product is like a sound absorption felt which has excellent acoustical properties. These properties, together with noise reduction, help to improve acoustics in the workplace.

Surveys have shown that traceable sources of noise negatively affect human health creating stress and other problems. One of the most effective way of controlling noise levels is to reduce the source of noise by using flooring with sound absorption properties such as carpet tiles with EcoSoft backing.