Our Services

Providing customers with carpet designing and sampling services

Ecofloors are available to help you develop your custom carpet and colour concepts, or to help you modify an existing design from our substantial design and colour archives. Using the latest 3D technology and our extensive sampling facilities, our professional staff are here to help you turn your project vision into a reality.


Imagination is the only limit

Custom designs are available upon request, please contact us for more info.


Good installation is critical to carpet performance

Poor sub-floor quality will cause premature carpet wear and poor performance. Our experienced installers are skilled in sub-floor preparation and utilize the best quality pressure sensitive adhesives to enhance the lifespan of your carpet. ECO Floors cushion backed carpet tiles are more forgving when installed on less than perfect sub-floors, as the cushion backing system masks imperfections in the sub-floor. Tiles with a cushion backing system will allow concrete slabs to breath and eliminate VOC gas release.